The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Huck Institutes seek new Associate Directors for positions in science leadership

The Huck Institutes wish to appoint a series of new Associate Directors to work with the management team and help in developing new initiatives.


We seek individuals who wish to develop a component of the Huck Institutes and/or develop their science leadership skills and obtain experience in the University system. This could be considered a stepping stone to other positions in


University leadership or simply an opportunity to develop an aspect of the Huck Institutes' research strategy. All appointments will be initially for one year but with possibilities of extending the appointment for further years.




We seek faculty with tenure who are interested in working with the Huck Institutes' management team to develop one or more aspects of the Huck Institutes' strategic vision, mission, goals, and opportunities. This could include aspects of developing graduate education, instrumentation, building stronger links with other disciplines – in particular the other Institutes (Cyberscience, Materials Science, Social Sciences, Energy, and Environmental Sciences) or working to develop a current or new Institute. Rather than being prescriptive, we seek faculty who have an inner desire to develop research excellence in the life sciences at Penn State, who have ideas but don’t have the time or resources to develop these ideas and, at the same time, want experience in science leadership. While involved in the Huck Institutes, the Science Leadership Associate Director will be intimately involved with a variety of issues. They will be expected to be involved with Huck Institutes management meetings and training sessions, to contribute ideas and comments, and to represent the Huck Institutes on relevant committees. We feel strongly that all faculty involved in the Huck Institutes should be research active and looking at ways to facilitate research at Penn State.



We intend to have anything from 1 to 3 additional people in these science leadership roles at any one time. Some of these people may work with us for just one year, others for as many as 5 years. We will work with the applicants to find their best fit and may ask some people to wait for a year or longer so we have a succession of Associate Directors. The Huck Institutes expect to pay for 1 month of summer salary and buy out teaching duties up to a cost of $20,000. The terms of appointment are negotiable depending on the proposed objectives of the applicant.



If you wish to talk more about this opportunity or have ideas, please contact Peter Hudson.


The application process will be as follows:

1. Make a preliminary contact with Peter Hudson and discuss plans, objectives, and timelines.

2. Produce a short proposal, no more than 2 pages, which should include the following 3 sections:

  • Background and objectives to proposed activities
  • Short-term goals and how an association with the Huck Institutes could help
  • Long-term goals

3. These proposals will be examined by the Huck Institutes “Kitchen Cabinet” and we expect to ask the proposer to come and discuss their plans and proposed start date with this group.

4. We would like to receive the first proposals by October 1, 2013 with the objective of starting either January 1 or July 1, 2014.