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In Mojave Desert tortoise, looking for answers to bigger questions

Huck researchers attempt to guide and improve conservation success through studying the Mojave Desert tortoise.

When construction projects -- such as new roads or buildings – may jeopardize local wildlife habitat, the animals are typically moved to another location; wildlife managers call this “translocation.”


Using data from a tortoise translocation project being done in conjunction with the expansion of the U.S. Army National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Huck graduate student Christina Aiello and colleagues including Huck director Peter Hudson and Georgetown biology professor Shweta Bansal (a former Huck Ph.D. candidate and postdoc) identify potential disease-related risk factors in wildlife translocations and propose steps toward more-effective risk assessment and intervention strategies to improve success of future efforts.



Read more, from Disease dynamics during wildlife translocations: disruptions to the host population and potential consequences for transmission in desert tortoise contact networks.