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Congratulations to the Neuroscience Pilot Project Recipients

11 projects from the 36 submissions were chosen to be funded in the amount of $559,631.

The Penn State Institute of the Neurosciences was delighted by the number of applications from the neuroscience community at Penn State – 36 submissions were received. It was difficult to choose among so many deserving proposals but we are pleased to have the opportunity to support eleven pilot seed grants. These proposals were funded in the amount of $559,631 (total costs).

Congratulations to the Penn State Institute of Neuroscience Pilot Project recipients!

Pilot project recipients

  • Colin Barnstable, Department of Neural and Behavioral Health, "Delivery and Mechanism of Action of Novel Therapeutic Agents to Combat ALS"
  • Sheri Berenbaum, Department of Psychology, "Alcohol Effects on Brain and Behavior: A Short-term Longitudinal Study in Penn State Freshman"
  • Sonia Cavigelli, Department of Biobehavioral Health, "Mechanisms Underlying the Co-Morbidity of Asthma and Anxiety"
  • Victoria Braithwaite, Department of Fisheries, "Developing an Animal Model of Cognitive Bias to Study the Impact of Emotion on Health and Behavior"
  • Lisa Gatzke-Kopp, Department of Health and Human Development, "The Development of Novel Analytic Strategies to Integrate Physiological and Behavioral Measures"
  • Rick Gilmore, SLEIC, "Imaging Neurological Abnormalities in Children with Amblyopia and Cortical Visual Impairment"
  • Sue Grigson, Department of Neural and Behavioral Sciences, “Rescue From Alcohol Addiction by Transplantation of Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells (RPECs) in the Nucleus Accumbens of Rats”
  • Susan Lemieux, SLEIC, "The Role of Olfactory Cues in Addictive Behavior”
  • Bernhard Luscher, Department of Biology, “Epigenetic Changes in Gene Expression Associated with an Anxious-Depressive-like Phenotype”
  • AB Madhankumar, Department of Neurosurgery, "Tumor Associated Receptor Targeted Neuroimaging for Effective Diagnosis of High Grade Astrocytoma"
  • Steven Schiff, Center for Neural Engineering, "Cerebral Malaria as a Cause of Epilepsy"