The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences


Final Booklet


Day 1: Thursday, May 18

2-2:50pm             Registration and coffee/refreshments

3-3:10pm             Introductions & Welcome, Berg Auditorium

3:20-4:20             Keynote Talk I: Berg Auditorium. "Communicating Science: Broadening Impacts for Greater Social Good," Dr. Lee Ahern, Associate Professor at Penn State

4:30-6pm             Hors d’oeuvres and Poster Session I: 3rd and 4th floor bridges in Life Science

                            Life science labs will present previously made research posters. Half the presenters will be on-hand this session, and the other half will be on-hand for the lunch session.       



Day 2: Friday, May 19

8:30-8:55 a.m.    Light Breakfast

9:00-10:00          Keynote Talk II: Berg Auditorium. "Communicating Science to Diverse Audiences," Dr. Amanda Dion-Schultz, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Session I: Lightning Lab Talks

10:10-10:20        Lightning Lab Talk #1

10:25-10:35        Lightning Lab Talk #2

10:40-10:50        Lightning Lab Talk #3

10:55-11:05        Lightning Lab Talk #4

11:10-11:25        Health Break & Snacks

11:30-12:20        "Communicating the "Life" in Life Science" by Dr. Susan Russell

12:30-2:30          Lunch

1:00-2:30            Poster Session II: 3rd and 4th floor bridges in Life Science

2:40-3:55            Networking career fair and snacks/refreshments. Featuring Restek, Indigo Biosciences, SoftGenetics, IARPA, VWR, and more!

Session II: Lightning Lab Talks

4:00-4:10            Lightning Lab Talk #5

4:15-4:25            Lightning Lab Talk #6

4:30-4:40            Lightning Lab Talk #7           

4:45-5:15            Closing Statements: What should you take away from this experience, and presentation of awards for posters and artwork from LSS-inspired artist