The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Planning Committee Members

Our planning committee consists of motivated graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who want to promote collaboration and communication among the life science discipline at Penn State .


Jennifer Legault (Neuroscience) & Karla Piedl (BMMB)



Hillary Figler (MCIBS) - Past President

Colleen McSweeney (Neuroscience)

Kelly Ness (Physiology)

Naomi Yamada (MCIBS)


Adwitia (Tia) Dey (Physiology)


Lingzi Xiaoli (Postdoc- Food Science)


Bruno Saconi (Nursing)


Shu Wei (Postdoc- Biology)

Alexis Baxter (Chemistry)


Henry Hsiung (BMMB)


Chris Strock (Plant Biology)


Rachel Walker (Nutrition)





Kristin Cox