The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Penn State-Howard University Partnership

A collaboration to foster interactions between faculty members and provide a cutting-edge research-intensive program for undergraduate students

The HU-PSU undergraduate training program  prepares students for careers in research science in the fields of genomics, bioinformatics, computational biology and statistics.  This unique interdisciplinary program spans two consecutive summers at PSU, with additional faculty advising and oversight of projects at HU during the school year. The program exposes students to dozens of researchers in bioinformatics or genomics at PSU. 

Students commit to two year research project in bioinformatics, genomics, statistics or computation and participate in eight-week summer research program at PSU and research at HU throughought the year. Students attend professional development seminars at PSU and present their research at either PSU symposium or poster session. 

Besides conducting summer research, students attend weekly professional development workshops including GRE preparation and have networking opportunities with other URM students from across the country. Students are provided with on campushousing, meal plan, travel expenses and a stipend. 

HU participating departments and institutes include: Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Cobb Research Laboratory, and Human Genome Center

This program is co-odinated by Dr. Janelle Burke, Assistant Professor of Biology (HU) and Cooduvalli Shashikant, Associate Professor of Molecular and Developmental Biology (PSU). 

In addition to the undergraduate research program, Howard faculty members and students also participate in annual retreats, seminars and workshops. For information on recently concluded boot camp on 'Biological Data Analysis: The Right Way', click here.