The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Student organizations

Groups organized by life sciences graduate students at Penn State
Graduate students run some great groups aimed at broadening their experience with science. Please let me know if you have a group you would like added, contact Melissa Rolls, mur22.

MCIBS Graduate Student Association

This student group is run by MCIBS students and aims to make graduate school be the best possible experience. The group provides support to new and current students and organizes events of interest to its members. Please contact Hillary Figler (hmf151) if you are interested in participating!pumpkin carving party

Center for Science Advocacy

The purpose of the group is to engage in community outreach and education to emphasize the importance of science research, to advocate for progressive science policy, and explore career opportunities in science policy and advocacy.

  • Please contact Stephanie Bora, sub224, if you are interested in finding out more about the group or participating in it.


Strategy Club

This club is organized by a group of students interested in applying their scientific training to business. In particular, they focus on consulting. Students in the group can get practical hands-on experience consulting for businesses.

CMIID group

The CMIID group aims to facilitate collaboration of graduate students and post docs between different labs and fields. Meeting topics may include experimental troubleshooting, discussing new methods or trends in respective fields, or peer review of grant proposals, abstracts, and posters. The second goal of our group is career development through writing and oral communication workshops and inviting PhD and non PhD speakers from a variety of fields including academia, industry, and government. Meetings are biweekly (Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm, MSC W-201).