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MCIBS - Why Penn State?

Some of the reasons Penn State is a great place for graduate education
  • 1. The central focus of Penn State is education, so students come first. We have a friendly and supportive graduate student community, and faculty who really value them.

  • 2. Penn State is a thriving research University. Federal research funding for Penn State remains high, with 510 million dollars in 2015. For more information go to the Office of the VP for Research.

  • 3. Penn State graduate programs were among the best in the National Research Council rankings. For an overview of how Penn State graduate programs compared in the last set of rankings go here.

  • 4. The area around Penn State is beautiful and housing is relatively inexpensive. There are great hikes, swimming in lakes, a (small) ski slope in town. It is quiet and peaceful here, but it is also within driving distance of Pittsburgh, DC, Philadelphia, NYC.... You can afford to live on your own, or with roommates if you prefer.

  • 5. For another opinion on why grad school at Penn State is a good choice, see the grad school's list.

  • 6. And, if you like sports, there are lots to attend or play! There is also theater, music, art...