The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Physiology Degree requirements and curriculum

Criteria that students need to meet for the Physiology graduate program at Penn State

Program Mission

We are the oldest intercollege biomedical sciences program at Penn State's
UNIVERSITY PARK campus and uniquely focused on the study of integrative
mechanisms of living systems. This IGDP seeks to advance society's
understanding of how body systems work at all levels - molecular, cellular,
tissues, organs - and apply that knowledge in order to reduce disease and
improve the health of individuals. Our recently awarded NIH predoctoral
training program includes a cutting edge inter-discliplinary curriculum
focused on developing skill sets necessary for entry into the 21st century
biomedical workforce. Our doctoral program was recently ranked in the top
10 physiology programs in the country. Our 2 year M.S. program is a gateway
to professional school admission or the Ph.D.

Our Doctoral Program

Our Masters Program