The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Plant biochemistry

Faculty in the Plant Biology graduate program with research interests in Plant biochemistry

Jared Ali
Assistant Professor of Entomology

Behavior and chemical ecology of multi-trophic interactions, including plant responses to below-ground herbivory and nematode. Insect community ecology, chemical ecology, and coevolution. Trophic cascades, above- and below-ground interactions, chemotaxis of soil nematodes, and evolution of plant defense strategies.

Philip Bevilacqua
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Co-Director, Center for RNA Molecular Biology

Roles of RNA-binding proteins in plant physiology. Plant ribonomics. Identification and characterization of functional RNAs in plants.

Donald Bryant
Ernest C. Pollard Professor of Biotechnology
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Photosynthesis, structure-function relationships of proteins, gene regulation, and microbial physiology. Cyanobacteria and green sulfur bacteria. Genomics of photosynthetic bacteria.

Erin Connolly
Professor and Head, Department of Plant Science

Molecular mechanisms of micronutrient transport. Iron uptake and compartmentalization. Metal ion homeostasis

Daniel Cosgrove
Eberly Chair and Professor of Biology

Mechanism of plant growth. Function and evolution of expansins. Biochemistry and rheology of plant cell walls. Growth responses to light, hormones, and water stress and other stimuli.

Wayne Curtis
Professor of Chemical Engineering

Regulation and signal transduction in plant secondary metabolism. Phytoremediation of hydrocarbons. Commercial chemical production in plants and plant tissue culture.

Ying Gu
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mechanism of cellulose biosynthesis in higher plants. Genetic modification of plant cell wall to scale-up biofuel production.

B. Tracy Nixon
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Structural and functional basis of two component signal transduction. Structural basis for how AAA+ ATPases perform mechanical work to activate transcription by remodeling the sigma54-form of bacterial RNA polymerase.

James Tumlinson
Ralph O. Mumma Professor of Entomology
Director, Center for Chemical Ecology

Insect chemical ecology. Plant-insect interactions. Insect attractants.