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Specificity of the Double-Stranded RNA-Binding Domain from the RNA-Activated Protein Kinase PKR for Double-Stranded RNA: Insights from Thermodynamics and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering

Patel, S., Blose, J. M., Sokoloski, J. E., Pollack, L., and Bevilacqua, P. C. (2012) Biochemistry 51, 9312-9322.

This research shows that the dsRNA-binding domain from PKR binds specifically to perfectly dsRNA(A) and only weakly to bulged RNA (B) and RNA-DNA hybrids (C); this gives us a deeper understanding of the role of how RNA initiates an immune response in human disease.

dsRNA(A) Bulged RNA(B) RNA-DNA hybrid(C)
Kd = 0.030 µM Kd = 3.2 µM Kd = 2.0 µM

We used auto-ITC to measure the thermodynamic parameters for RNA binding to PKR.

Patel et al.