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FEI Titan Krios

The FEI Titan Krios is an instrument that realizes the revolutionary developments in cryo-EM leading to the “resolution revolution” that allows atomic resolution maps of biological objects with low or no symmetry. These transformative advances include the exceptionally stable microscope stage, automated data collection, direct electron detection technology, fast read out for data transfer. However, our Penn State Krios microscope is one of a kind.  Configured for uncompromised data collection for the life sciences the Krios also incorporates material science applications, making the system uniquely suited to use material science applications on biological samples. This combination opens up a new era of convergence science blending technical approaches to develop cutting edge approaches to understand both soft and hard materials.

Life Science configuration for single particle data collection and dual axis cellular tomography:
Cs: spherical aberration corrector
Volta Phase Plate for enhanced contrast 
Falcon 3EC direct electron detector camera
Quantum GIF (K2) energy filter with K2 direct electron detector
Material Science configurations:
EELs for elemental mapping and chemical bonding
STEM for mass/thickness contrast
DPC: differential phase contrast produces contrast relative to electrical fields
EFTEM: energy filtered TEM for zero loss imaging of thick samples
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Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility