The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Sample drop-off guidelines

How and where to drop off samples to ensure quick turn-around times

We receive samples from over 1,000 people. The flow of people dropping off samples has become great enough as to disrupt our work flow. Therefore, we ask everyone to follow these guidelines to minimize this disruption and keep the turn-around times for your samples short.


Sample drop-offs


DNA Sequencing Samples

  • All DNA sequencing samples are to be left on the desk in 413.
  • Samples are picked up throughout the day by the staff.
  • Samples do not have to be kept cold. We receive DNA in the mail from all over the US at room temperature.
  • Questions regarding DNA sequencing should be directed to Ashley Price or Craig Praul via phone or email.
  • Please do not enter any of the labs to ask a question regarding DNA sequencing!


Bioanalyzer Analysis Samples

  • Make an appointment with Craig Praul by phone or email to drop off samples for Bioanalyzer analysis.
  • Do not bring samples without an appointment!


Genescan Plates

  • Genescan plates are to be wrapped in foil to protect the fluors from bleaching by exposure to light
  • Plates are to be left on the desk in 413.
  • The plates are picked up throughout the day by the staff.


Real-Time Plates

  • Real-Time Plates are to be handed directly to staff.


Questions and Consultations

  • Please call or email Craig Praul with simple questions.
  • If your question requires extensive consultation, please arrange an appointment.
  • Please do not stop by the facility without an appointment!


Abiding by these guidelines will allow us to continue to provide all of our customers quality service in a timely manner.