The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Metabolomics Core Facility Acknowledgement in publication

How to properly acknowledge the Metabolomics Core Facility in publication

All work performed in any Huck Institutes shared facilities should be acknowledged in scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers, and all other publications.


Why acknowledge

Proper acknowledgment provides a visible measure of the impact of the Huck Institutes shared facilities and is thus essential for our continued funding.


When to acknowledge

  • Any time the Metabolomics Core facility provides services that support your research.
  • If a staff member has made a significant intellectual contribution beyond routine sample analysis, please consider co-authorship.


Where to acknowledge

  • scholarly reports
  • presentations
  • posters
  • papers
  • publications


Format for the acknowledgment

  • Please acknowledge us as "Penn State Metabolomics Core Facility - University Park, PA"
  • Publications with work performed on the AB-Sciex 5600 Triple TOF should acknowledge NSF-MRI award CBET-1126373, (Ferry et al 2011).