The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

General questions

General questions that are not microscopy or cytometry specific

Who can use the Microscopy and Cytometry Facility?
Our services are available to all Penn State departments on all campuses and to researchers outside the University.
How do I get started?
Three simple steps.
How does billing work?
Billing rates vary according to the instrumentation. There is no charge for consultation on techniques, experimental design or subsequent data analysis.
Money-saving tips
How do I make the most of the time spent in the facility?
What training is required?
It depends on what you want to do. We offer training on equipment use and sample preparation. Various University safety courses are also recommended or required.
How long do experiments usually take?
It depends on the type and number of samples you want to analyze.
What happens to our data once we've finished an experiment?
It's your data; you should take it with you and archive it in multiple places. The facility keeps temporary copies depending on whether its flow cytometry or microscopy data.
I'm writing a manuscript/grant. Where can I find...
Information about the company and model for the equipment? Citations for the protocols I used?
Laboratory safety, what do I need to know?
What do I have to know about safety issues in the Microscopy and Cytometry Facility? Where can I find more information about safety?
Radioactive materials, should I be concerned?
Are any radioactive materials used in the Facility? How should I handle it? What training should I receive before being authorized to handle uranium?
Can you suggest any books or links?
Here are some microscopy references, and links to other websites.