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What happens to our data once we've finished an experiment?

It's your data; you should take it with you and archive it in multiple places. The facility keeps temporary copies depending on whether its flow cytometry or microscopy data.

You are responsible for storing your data!

Flow cytometry

Data are routinely collected in listmode (all raw measurements are collected on each cell). Once a month, these listmode files are removed from the flow cytometer and archived on a DVD. Users can make copies of these data files for analysis on any analysis package that supports FCS format (FCS ExpressFlowJo and CXP packages are available in the lab).


We do not archive imaging data. Users are expected to back up all images.

Typically, files are moved from the optical microscopes to one of the lab computers after one week. For your convenience, they reside on the lab computers for one month for easy image manipulation. Do not consider this archiving. These computers are heavily used and can fail wiping out all data on them. You should always have your own copy of data.

Images must be transferred to the user's PASS spaceUSB drives are not allowed on the TEM computer.