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Information about the company and model for the equipment? Citations for the protocols I used?

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Information about equipment

Instrument Company Model Address
TEM JEOL JEM 1200 EXII Peabody, MA
Bioscan Camera GATAN 792 Warrendale, PA
TEM High-resolution Camera Tietz F224 Gauting, Germany
SEM JEOL JSM 5400 Peabody, MA
SEM Backscatter Electron Imaging ETEP-Robinson RBJ-5400FML Sydney, Australia
Cryo-SEM GATAN C1500C Warrendale, PA
Image Archiving PGT IMX-PC v.10 Princeton, NJ
Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy PGT IMX-PC v.10 Princeton, NJ
Bioplex  Bio-Rad 200 Hercules, CA
Flow Cytometer Beckman Coulter FC500 Brea, CA
Flow Cytometer Beckman Coulter XL- MCL Brea, CA
Flow Cytometer BD Fortessa Franklin Lakes, NJ
Sorter BD Influx Franklin Lakes, NJ
Paraffin Microtome Thermo Fisher Finesse ME Kalamazoo, MI
Paraffin microtome Leica 2040 Deerfield, IL
Ultramicrotome Leica UC6 Deefield, IL
Ultramicrotome Reichert Jung Ultracut E Deerfield, IL
Ultramicrotome Leica UCT Deerfield, IL
Cryo-ultramicrotome Leica FC6 Deerfield, IL
Diamond Knife Diatome Histo, ultra 45, etc Fort Washington, PA
Critical Point Dryer Techno Trade BALTEC CPD030 Manchester, NH
Sputter Coater Techno Trade BALTEC SCD050 Manchester, NH
Microwave Electron Microscopy Sciences 820 Fort Washington, PA
Cryostat Thermo Fisher 77210163 GB Kalamazoo, MI
Slide Stainer Thermo Fisher Varistain Gemini Kalamazoo, MI
Tissue Processor Thermo Fisher Citidel Kalamazoo, MI
Carbon Evaporator Boeckeler EMS950X Hatfield, PA
Automatic TEM Tissue Processor RMC EMP-5160 Tucson, AZ
Dissecting Microscope Olympus America Olympus SZPT Center Valley, PA
Confocal Microscope Olympus America FV300 Center Valley, PA
Confocal Microscope Olympus America FV1000 Center Valley, PA
Optical Light Microscope Olympus America BX50  Center Valley, PA
Optical Light Microscope Olympus America BX51 Center Valley, PA
Fluorescent Microscope Olympus America BX60 Center Valley, PA
Fluorescent Microscope Olympus America BX61 Center Valley, PA
Inverted Microscope Zeiss Axiovert Thornwood, NY
Digital Camera Jenoptik ProgRes CFscan Rochester, NY
Spot II digital camera and software HiTech Spot II Advanced Edgement, PA

Citations for protocols

Most likely you will have many citations from your own literature search. Some of the sources of information that we have used to develop general protocols are listed below.

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