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Olympus FV10i-LIV Confocal with Live-Cell

A self-contained fully motorized laser scanning confocal microscope specially designed for live-cell imaging.


  • FV10i-LIV is the world's first self-contained confocal laser scanning microscope.
  • FV10i-LIV supports multi-area and multi-color imaging, enabling efficient and easy data acquisition.
  • FV10i-LIV has a newly developed automated water dispensing system enabling long-term time-lapse imaging.
  • FV10i-LIV is provided with a simplified built-in incubator and a culture pod with recirculation ability, making it the most ideal system for live cell imaging.




Lasers: 405nm (17.1mW), 473nm (11.9mW), 559nm (15mW), 635nm (9.5mW)
10× phase contrast / NA 0.4 (equivalent to UPLSAPO 10x)
60× phase contrast waterimmersion / NA 1.2 (equivalent to UPLSAPO 60× W) / with motorized correction collar and motorized nosepiece with remote switching by software switching from software by electric revolver
Scanning Mode:
Pixel size: 256 × 256, 512 × 512, 1024 × 1024
Scanning speed: 1.1 s / frame (for pixel size 512 × 512, High Speed scanning mode)
Imaging Mode:
X, Y, Z (optical slicing), T (time lapse)
Specimen Holder:
For three glass bottom dishes with 35mm diameter 
For a glass slide, For one set of cover glass chamber (8 wells type)
For Well slide (8 wells type), Culture pod (for a glass bottom dish with 35mm diameter)
        Temperature: 37+0.1°C, 0.5°C (can be switched off) Humidity: more than 90% CO2 concentration: 5% (recommended), 1 – joint fitting (ø2mm) for exterior CO2 adjustor
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