The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Guidelines for submitting gel slices for in-gel digestion

How to submit protein gel slices for in-gel digestion
  1. Cut out protein bands of interest with clean blade. Dice each band into 1 mm (1/16") cubes.
    • We recommend including a standard protein band (e.g. serum albumin, lysozyme, carbonic anhydrase, etc.) to use as a positive control.
    • There is no additional charge for the standard.
  2. Place the gel slices in clearly labeled microcentrifuge tubes and cover with water to prevent drying out.
  • Label your samples with 5 characters (e.g. your initials plus 2 or 3 digits or letters).
  • Make sure that the labels on the tubes correspond to the sample names on the analysis request form.
  • Include all relevant information on the analysis request form.


    • If you are shipping your gel slices, place them on wet or dry ice. Styrofoam containers are not waterproof, so put the wet ice in Ziploc bags, or use freezer gel packs.
    • Alternatively, you can dehydrate the slices. Add 0.150 – 0.200 mL acetonitrile per tube, let stand at r.t. 10-15 min with occasional mixing, and discard the solvent. Repeat until the gel is non-transparent and brittle, discard the solvent, and let the gel air dry for 10-15 min. Ship overnight without ice (not recommended during hot weather months).