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Multi-fermentor system for up to six 500 ml vessels in batch and continuous operation

SixFors 6x500 ml research console

SixFors 6x500 ml research console


  • Fermentation


  • Each vessel can be controlled independently, with temperature equilibration and alteration, three peristaltic pumps to control pH and foam, and timed and program-controlled substrate dosing.
  • The control unit can also measure and control agitation, dissolved oxygen (DO), the introduction of oxygen and nitrogen, etc.
  • Top plate ports allow for the insertion of pH and DO probes and injection syringes as well as the removal of samples.
  • Allows rapid evaluation of strains and different media in different operating conditions and can perform other screening tasks such as toxicity testing.


  • Statistical validity is provided with this system and the IRIS software supplies the necessary graphing and analysis tools for comparisons.
  • The small vessel size is ideal for continuous culture applications or perfusion, especially when expensive media are to be used.

Equipment Location

Fermentation Facility