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Crystallization service provided by the X-Ray Crystallography Facility
  • You provide the sample (native gel electrophoresis should be performed to demonstrate purity).
  • Screens are performed (eleven 48-conditions, seven 24-conditions, three 96-conditions from Hampton; six 96-condition suites from Nextal).
  • Case-specific optimization grids are used to obtain diffraction-quality crystals from initial screens.
  • Trained users can screen using crystallization robot.


Art Robbins Instruments Phoenix protein crystallization robot
The Crystal Phoenix is the ideal protein crystallography dispenser, featuring accuracy, speed and precision to make it the perfect instrument for sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch reactions.
Nikon SMZ1500 stereo-microscope and digital camera
Nikon's top-of-the-line stereo microscope, the SMZ1500 covers a zoom range from 0.75x to 11.25x, and offers sophisticated accessories that rival that of advanced compound microscopes -- allowing the scientist to see and photograph any specimen, from macro views to high-magnification micro visualization.
Jansi UV microscope
Tryptophan fluorescence at 360 nm, following deep UV excitation at 280 nm, is the basis for this rapid and noninvasive imaging microscope for distinguishing protein and salt crystals in situ.
Walk-in crystallization room
Temperature-controlled (4/15/21°C) crystallization tray storage/incubation rooms with capacity for thousands of trays
Formulatrix Rock Imager 182
The Rock Imager182 with superior optics is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization. This easy-to-use robot incubates and captures superior quality images of up to 182 microplates on a user-defined schedule.
SMZ18 Research Stereomicroscope
Manual 18X zoom stereomicroscope provides bright field images and uniformity in intensity. The SMZ18 has improved S/N ratios and bright, high-contrast images, even in the low magnification range.