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Researchers use fMRI and state-of-the-art brain mapping techniques to study alcohol's effects on first-year students

The team, which includes several scientists affiliated with the Huck Institutes, recently completed a first-of-its-kind longitudinal pilot study aimed at better understanding how the neural processes that underlie responses to alcohol-related cues change across students' first year of college.

Ping Li co-authors "Having Success with NSF: A Practical Guide"

The guide is designed to help researchers achieve success in getting their National Science Foundation (NSF) research proposals funded.

Zombie-ant fungus is under attack by hyperparasites

An international research team led by Penn State professor and Huck Institutes researcher David Hughes has discovered that hyperparasitic fungi " which are not pathogens of ants " infect the zombie-ant fungi and significantly limit the viability of their spore-producing organs, thus reducing the danger posed to the colony.

Gluten- and casein-free diet may help some children with autism

A research team led by Laura Klein has found a potential link between behavioral and physiological symptoms of autism spectrum disorders and gastrointestinal and immune responses to gluten- and casein-derived peptides.

Baculovirus optimizes transmission to generations of gypsy moths

Kelli Hoover and her research team have identified the viral gene responsible for inducing "tree top disease" in gypsy moths.